Finally Spring!

Well, spring, it seemed, was a long time coming this year. But our yard is showing all the signs of a beautiful spring! The lilacs just opened, and I’m excited to make Lilac Scones! Our secret garden, with two redbuds and one beautiful honeysuckle, are in full bloom.

I love to look at the playhouse and see the Rhododendron, and the phlox blooming! It is nice to see the Tippecanoe Place Restaurant, in the former Studebaker Mansion, in the background! I was very excited to see our Chocolate Vine blooming for the first time since we planted it. It is supposed to get some cool pods in the fall that taste like tapioca! The mountain bluets are cool because they have a base that looks just like pineapple, the Victorian sign of hospitality, plus they smell like peaches ( I’m not kidding!) Our lilies of the valley are all blooming, and our yard smells heavenly!  I hope you get a chance to see spring in action, at your house or at The Oliver Inn!